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Protect Your Teeth with Mouthguards in Drayton Valley

Looking for dental appliances to protect your teeth from damage? Cornerstone Denture Clinic offers mouthguards and sportguards for children and adults in Drayton Valley and surrounding areas. Sportguards are used by athletes to protect their teeth from injuries during sports, while a mouthguard is worn to avoid damage due to teeth grinding while sleeping. A lot of people clench and grind their teeth unknowingly, causing pressure on the jaw joint. This pressure can cause serious issues over time, like temporomandibular joint disorders, tension headaches, and worn teeth surfaces.


The mouthguards that we offer are of superior quality and are effective in protecting your teeth from damage. You can visit our clinic to learn more about mouthguards and sportguards.

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An Essential Dental Accessory

Mouthguards should be an essential part of your sports kit, especially if you play a sport where there is a risk of equipment or bodily contact with your head or mouth. A lot of basketball and baseball players report injuries in this category. A good mouthguard will not interfere with your breathing or speech, and neither will it cause any discomfort while engaging in sports. The team at Cornerstone Denture Clinic will help you get the right mouthguard for your needs.

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Drayton Valley’s Reliable Annual Denture Checkup Clinic

We offer annual checkups to ensure the continued comfort and proper function of your dentures.

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Protect Your Teeth

Sports injury or teeth grinding can damage your teeth!

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