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Your Source of Comfortable Dentures in Drayton Valley

Cornerstone Denture Clinic is a full-service denture clinic that helps you take care of your smile with top-quality dentures. Our denturist pays great attention to every step of your denture care, from the initial free consultation to the annual checkup. Whether you need complete dentures or partial dentures in Drayton Valley and surrounding areas, Cornerstone Denture Clinic has the experience and expertise you can trust. 


When you visit our denture clinic for a consultation, our denturist will sit with you to understand your concerns and will suggest a customized solution to suit your needs. We have an on-site lab to help you get the perfect fit. We will customize your dentures according to the shape and shade of your teeth so that you are never embarrassed to flaunt your smile in public. Please visit our clinic for a free consultation.

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Complete and Partial Dentures

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Complete Dentures

Also known as full dentures, complete dentures are required by patients who have lost most of their teeth. As the name suggests, complete dentures work as a total replacement for your natural teeth. A complete set of teeth is fabricated according to the shape and fit of your mouth to replace all your missing teeth. 


The dentures will help restore your chewing and speaking abilities so that you can live with confidence. To fix complete dentures, all your remaining teeth will be removed. Your denturist will fit the complete dentures into your mouth only after your gums have healed.

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Partial Dentures

We suggest partial dentures to patients who have lost one or more teeth and do not require complete replacement. Partial dentures are designed to fill in the gaps created by missing teeth. They support your facial muscles and offer you a youthful appearance. Metal clips are used to attach the partial dentures to the nearby natural teeth so that they can secure their position and not cause shifting. The denturist at Cornerstone Denture Clinic is highly experienced and uses precision attachments to give you a comfortable fit. Please contact us for a free consultation.

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Top-quality Implant-supported Dentures

Try our high-quality implant-supported dentures to get the perfect smile you deserve.

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Solution for Missing Teeth

Investing in dentures is a smart way to get back a beautiful smile and functional teeth.

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